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Interested in being an exclusive member?
  • New members are required to fill out an application form at the location and must be 18 years or older with valid identification.

  • Memberships can be purchased for daily, monthly, or yearly play

              Daily: $5

              Monthly: $25

              Yearly: $175 or $225 (VIP)

  • Once a member has checked in upon entry, they will gain entry into the club and its amenities including complimentary water and coffee.


  • Membership is not guaranteed and OTR reserves the right to deter anyone for any reason.

New players will have to pay an initial one-time membership fee of $10 in addition to the regular membership options above

*Memberships and fees are subject to change based on the owner's discretion

--> All members are opt-in to our email and SMS notifications unless told specifically not to be included.

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