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Inside On the River Social Club, there is a pleasant display of artwork. Many of our pieces are from Las Vegas native, Michael Godard. Most of the Godard artwork is originally from The Rio Casino in Las Vegas. Some of the artwork will be available for purchase at OTR. Be on the lookout for new pieces we add to our poker club! 

Godard - "Bullets" LE

This is Michael Godard's limited edition piece of only 25 that were embellished.

Price: $4,799

Godard - "Ollie Capone"

This is Michael Godard's piece that is a humorous olive representation of 'Al Capone.' 

Price: $1,499

Godard - "Poker Pimps"

This is Michael Godard's piece. Perfect for any poker player with a sense of humor.

Price: $1,299

Vintage Poker Patents

This interesting piece of artwork includes card and chip patents.

 Price: Not for sale

Godard - "That's the Way to Get Abducted"

This is Michael Godard's piece that is also signed by him on the back of the artwork. 

Price: $1,799

Poker Knowledge

A new piece of artwork that gives tips and knowlege to any type of player.

 Price: Not for sale

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